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Be quick to answer “Answer it Forward” questions and keep your brand top of mind at no cost to you.

Question-and-answer marketing has replaced the hyper-focus on content marketing, which is constantly trying to promote a specific product or equipment to a relevant audience. Question-and-answer marketing is a new strategy that draws operators and end-users towards your products – often creating loyal customers and followers.

Get recognition for being the first to answer

Use the “Answer it Forward!” challenge to promote your business or expertise is the perfect platform to establish yourself as an expert in your field by providing authoritative answers to hundreds of pre-populated questions in key categories. So, for example, if you offer a particular product or service, you can answer as many “Answer it Forward” questions on your category of interest and members will begin to recognize you for your expertise. The more answers you post, the more people will be able to read your solutions and expert advice.

Many reasons to participate in our “Answer it Forward!” challenge is where members can freely communicate and collaborate. To get our members to engage with the platform, here are three important reasons that will encourage you to participate:


User-friendliness is essential to the success of Work is hard enough without having to figure out how to use complicated online tools. was designed to make it extremely easy for our members to use our Q&A platform. They will discover that the platform is easily navigable, quickly accessible, saves time, and increases their productivity.


One of the benefits of is that using it will not always feel like work. We know that members are more likely to engage with the platform if it makes doing their work a bit more enjoyable. Enter gamification. Gamification provides a great way to ensure that members enjoy themselves in a professional and work-oriented context. Our simple competition mode is a prime example of a method that makes work more fun and exciting by instilling a healthy contest among members.


For better or worse, people are usually more likely to do things when they will get something in return. We use this fact to our advantage. In our simple competition mode, you can earn points even after the “Answer it Forward!” challenge comes to an end. Throughout and after the competition, members are constantly working towards getting more points and ranking in the top spots, which means that they are more likely to participate in the contest in the first place.

We will ensure the success of by taking the necessary steps to make it both user-friendly and stimulating. Our members will certainly get the most out of this network if as many users as possible engage with it on a daily basis.

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