Building a Strong Learning Culture of Informal and Continuous Learning through a Question-and-Answer Application

Alan CharkyQandaPress

Learning is no longer considered a singular, unconnected event that happens once in an employee’s job or life.

Informal and continuous learning is a highly encouraged part of employee growth and one that must be organized into the system as much as formal learning was. Creating a learning-centered work culture is crucial if companies want to attract top talents and provide them with self-learning tools they need to be successful at growing the business.

QandaPress turns the idea of learning on the job from forced and mandatory to encouraging and self-directed. Adopting an enterprise-wide Question-and-Answer platform will help make the entire organization successful as the employees, themselves, become more successful.

The QandaPress Question-Answering application is a perfect example of an informal learning platform for the following reasons and more:

  • Questions and answers can be accessed anytime and anywhere the learner can use them.
  • Questions and answers are available in bite-sized chunks and it is easy to find the exact information one is looking for.
  • Employees can expand their knowledge base and become more informed for their own sake and for those of the company.
  • Provides employees an easy to use tool to self-teach.
  • Having 24/7 access leverages employees’ natural way of learning and allows them to absorb the material at their own rate.

Successful companies don’t merely provide formal training but cultivate a system that creates continuous opportunities for learning. This is why top organizations give their employees time to pursue their own interests and have reaped the benefits of a workforce that feels valued and nurtured.