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  • Taken a Web Presence Selfie Lately?

    Does your online identity and business image accurately reflect the vision and values of your organization? On the Internet today, there are thousands of B2B websites that are poorly designed and studies estimate that 45% of users do not return to a site if their first visit is a negative experience.

    • Most B2B web sites look alike, in fact, differences between them hardly exist.
    • Most websites are missed opportunities to engage, entertain, and inform users.
    • A poorly designed and constructed web site can project a lack of commitment to quality, which customers may associate with the company’s products and services

    You can’t cut corners if you are dealing with your corporate image. Just consider how much money you might lose down the road by not properly featuring your company on the Web.
  • Take a Closer Look at Your Business

    Our assignments for updating websites focus on revising your existing web site, its management and evaluating all its elements. This helps us illustrate areas for improvement, and gets our team focused on making sure your updated site offers optimal results. We can assess your website for content, presentation, navigation, aesthetics, look and feel, speed, accessibility and overall marketing.

    Suggestions to improve performance and presentation will include a discussion of target and markets along with a complete plan for site re-design, positioning, repurposing existing content, traffic building, marketing and promotion.

    Working together we can help you discover the latest tools that are available to you by using the Internet effectively and further secure the future for your business by adopting the new realities of the digital marketplace.

    Mainly Sunny can evaluate your website for design, effectiveness and efficiency in order to help you gain a deeper insight on how it may be viewed by your visitors.

  • Level Your Playing Field

    The Internet has transformed the competitive dynamics of the B2B marketplace and unlocks a complete new set of tools, which allow companies to compete in ways they never have before.

    The internet has grown into an enormous communication, branding and lead generation vehicle and every business depends on it to source the products or services they require each day. Customers will assess your capabilities from your website so a prominent identity is crucial. An innovative, informative and functional web site will not only draw your customers in but will set you apart from your competition.

    Investing in a well-designed web site is a smart way for a company to reflect its brand, corporate image and gain critical competitive advantage. As technology advances and user expectations rise, fixing these shortcomings becomes more and more imperative. Used effectively, internet technology can help a business increase its revenues, reduce its costs, improve its communications, and boost its productivity.

    Mainly Sunny provides your business with the power to level the playing field by creating an online marketing strategy that rivals and exceeds that of your much larger competition.

  • Plan for the Results You Want

    By working together, we like to involve ourselves with the strategic planning process of your web development project in order to craft those very solutions that will produce the results you’re looking for.

    Since online marketing will be a growing component of your overall communication efforts it is essential for us to understand your strategic direction in order to craft the solution that will best reflect your business needs and creative expectations now and into the future. We can play a key role in building a web presence which will showcase your organization in such a way as to launch it to the forefront of the Internet.

Mainly Sunny is an innovative provider of marketing & communications solutions to business challenges utilizing Internet-based technologies.

As a web development and marketing communications agency Mainly Sunny provides clients with a comprehensive suite of services made up of the right blend of artistic, marketing and technical elements. By merging basic marketing strategies with the vast array of technological abilities the Internet provides we transform your business goals into digital reality.


With the right road map, you can easily reach your marketing destination.


Make sure your customers are getting the right first impression of your business.


SEO is the key to your website getting found. No visitors = no leads = no sales.


The simple, inexpensive way to stay in touch and top of mind with your customers.


It’s all about cutting through the clutter. We’ll make sure you stand out in the crowd.


Need professional printing? Save time and money. Let us source your printing for you.


Don’t just create a website. Create a website that addresses your customers’ needs.


Is your brand communicating who you really are? Do your customers agree?


Not just writing; writing that sells. We know what to say and the right way to say it.


CONTENT is the key marketing differentiator that fuels all marketing initiatives.

An integrated marketing communications firm with many years of experience implementing inbound strategies Mainly Sunny helps businesses large and small amplify their content across highly engaged audiences to build loyal communities around their brand. We recognize the competitive advantage available in content marketing. Content equals value and without value there is no foundation for engagement. We can help you create content your audience needs in order to gain awareness with prospective clients, as well as keep current clients engaged.

DIGITAL marketing strategies & solutions work for organizations in many industries.

Today’s competitive market pressures and the impact of digital technologies in knowledge intensive industries are creating new challenges and opportunities for B2B sales and marketing. Technology is an incredibly powerful tool and it can provide enormous benefits when it is implemented and utilized properly. Mainly Sunny helps to implement proven and effective digital marketing strategies and solutions to companies of all sizes. Our experience is second to none. You focus on your business. We focus on providing you with the tools to make your job easier.

SOCIAL media as a marketing tool can help you grow your brand, whatever you sell.

If your ideal customer is on social media, your business should be too. Occupying the same digital space as your target audience is integral for a successful inbound marketing strategy. Cultivating and maintaining a social media presence is not only crucial for attracting visitors to your business but it’s also key for humanizing your business and is a great place to show off the personality of your brand and the people who run it. We can help you get started with a social media strategy that will help build trust, transparency, and authority for your company.

INBOUND marketing means providing answers to the questions your customers are asking.

Inbound marketing is about taking the time to provide something of value so that you can earn your potential customers’ attention and draw them to your company naturally and organically. This is achieved through the creation of quality content such as blog posts, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, podcasts, videos, and other valuable content that will attract your target audience. An inbound approach to online marketing will give you a competitive advantage because it’s all about responding to your customers’ needs. It’s organic, it’s natural – it works.

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